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2014 Columbus Race for the Cure

Lora's Lineup

Welcome to the Lora Moore Komen Race for the Cure® team page! Be a part of Lora's Lineup!

In September 2013, Lora was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. Thus begins the journey of treatments, sickness, surgery and the task of trying to maintain a normal family with her loving husband Andy and three young boys. Many of you have already started to give so much; prayers, meals, practical support and friendship. Now, we ask that you join our team, Lora's Lineup, and walk on May 17th with us in support of Lora and her amazing family. Or, if you cannot, please make a donation, and go one step further to show your support.

Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer. And we will not stop until this disease is gone forever. That’s our promise to Lora! Let's do this!

Will you join our team, Lora's Lineup? It's time for us to come together. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Your impact on this team will be astounding and most importantly, appreciated! It will be an amazing day, please join us.

Lora's Lineup Raised
$50 Milestone Erin Nusbaum $50.00
Erin Athey $0.00
Justin Athey $0.00
Jodie Bailey $0.00
Mike Bailey $0.00
Heather Crissinger $0.00
Julie Dials $0.00
Kathy Farish $25.00
Sheila Kreim $0.00
Dustin Mahrt $0.00
Eliana Mahrt $0.00
Sarah Mahrt $0.00
Dustin Maxon $0.00
Kate Maxon $0.00
Jeremy McLaughlin $0.00
Andy Moore $0.00
Ben Moore $0.00
Hanan Moore $25.00
Lora Moore $32.00
Ryan Nusbaum $0.00
Jeff Richard $0.00
Carter Russell $0.00
Jack Russell $0.00
Kelly Russell $0.00
Natalie Stoffer $0.00
Tina Stoffer $0.00
brock swonguer $0.00
Kylene Swonguer $0.00
Samantha Thomas $0.00
Team Gifts $273.00
Denotes a Team Captain

The Moore Family: Berkley, Andy, Lora, Hudson, and Max
The Moore Family: Berkley, Andy, Lora, Hudson, and Max

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Lora's Lineup


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